PDC Logistics

PDC Logistics is a transportation, fulfilment, and warehousing company based in Livermore, California. It is led by co-founder and President Jere Van Puffelen. This family-owned business primarily serves the San Francisco Bay Area region in Northern California.

PDC Logistics has hubs in key locations, including Sacramento, Stockton, and Hayward, with multiple warehousing options available in Stockton. While their core operations are regional, PDC also provides carrier and shipment services throughout the continental United States, thanks to their in-house fleet.

With a strong focus on local expertise and personalized service, PDC Logistics is an ideal partner for eCommerce businesses looking to tap into the vast California market. Despite being a smaller operation, PDC has established affiliations with organizations like Allied Distribution and The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), which enables them to negotiate deals on behalf of their clients with third-party logistics providers.