Royal Mail

Royal Mail is known as the UK’s most trusted mail provider and is undoubtedly one of the best-known courier service brands in the UK. While now a private company, Royal Mail has been delivering post for over 500 years since being established in 1516 by the government as a public service. Today, Royal Mail remains one of the most popular choices by customers in the UK, particularly for letter delivery and eCommerce shops frequently use Royal Mail Software for their online deliveries.

Whilst no longer a public service, Royal Mail has an unparalleled infrastructure that includes 11,500 post offices across the UK which offer a range of services and now provides Click and Collect and online services. The Royal Mail has over 160,000 employees, 37 regional mail delivery and sorting centres. It is legally required to provide universal postal service throughout the UK, despite the market being open to competition. Universal service means the company is obligated to ensure a standardised delivery service for all post within the UK, unrelated to distance or ease of access.

Royal Mail is the number one solution for large letter e-commerce traffic, in large part because of the affordability and simplicity of their pricing structure. Equally, none of their competitors is currently able to compete with the business’s ability to offer one fixed price for delivery to the whole of the UK.