Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express, established in 1993, has witnessed remarkable growth over the past two decades, solidifying its position as one of the United Kingdom’s premier providers of international package delivery and shipping solutions. Their comprehensive services encompass air freight, sea freight, international courier services, and freight forwarding, reaching across more than 220 countries. Based in Bromborough, Transglobal Express caters to over 150,000 global customers, offering cost-effective solutions for importing goods to the UK from abroad. They have earned the trust of eCommerce businesses, regardless of their size.

As a versatile operator, Transglobal Express collaborates with renowned international carriers such as DHL, TNT, and UPS. Their substantial parcel delivery volume enables them to extend exceptional discounts, boasting up to a 70% reduction in rates compared to major competitors. In addition to their core services, the company also provides fulfillment warehousing, distribution, and brokerage options to serve wholesale clients effectively.