Onboarding with Clarus

A Seamless Transition

Adopting a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) marks a pivotal moment for businesses aiming to refine and elevate their operations. We pride ourselves on delivering a thorough onboarding process, meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless transition and immediate operational enhancement.

You're in safe hands with Clarus...

Our team thoroughly analyses your warehouse workflow, covering everything.

We remain adaptable and attentive during onboarding, valuing insights from your experienced team.

Our method is highly collaborative, with experts providing strong support and innovative solutions.

Kickstarting Your Onboarding Journey

Our onboarding begins with a deep dive into your warehouse operations, where our experts work closely with your team to understand every process, from goods into goods out. This foundation shapes our customised strategy, aligning closely with your needs from day one.

Building Strong Project Teams Together

We form strategic project teams with our top talent and your key personnel, clarifying roles and ensuring everyone knows their part in the transition. This unity paves the way for a smooth and effective onboarding, with each member crucial to success.

Empowering Super Users as System Champions

We select super users from your team for their expertise, training them to lead our system’s use in your organisation. This ensures they can confidently train others, maximising system use and spreading knowledge and efficiency throughout your business.

Flexible Training for Maximum Adoption

We offer customised training, from on-site to online, ensuring each team member learns in the way that fits them best for smooth system adoption. Our aim is a seamless transition, making your team skilled and confident in fully utilising our system.

Ongoing Support for Uninterrupted Excellence

Our support extends beyond training with a comprehensive knowledge base, live help, and online resources to quickly address your team’s needs, ensuring smooth operations and ongoing improvement. We’re with you at every step, helping your operations excel.

A quick personal message....

Our dedication to your triumph extends well beyond just rolling out our system. Recognising the intricate nature of warehouse operations, we’re committed to ensuring our system surpasses your expectations. Consider our team an extension of yours, always on standby to assist, support, and navigate through this journey together.

Mathew Buttar
Head of Solutions