Clarus WMS and UKWA

Empowering UKWA Members to Excel

We’re proud to align ourselves with the UKWA and its esteemed members. Our mission? To empower you—innovators and leaders of the warehousing sector—to redefine efficiency, enhance accuracy, and elevate customer satisfaction. By powering esteemed members like Stiller Warehousing and Distribution, WS Transportation, Edge Transport and Campeys of Selby, we’ve tailored our solutions to meet the unique challenges and aspirations of UKWA members.

Why UKWA Members are choosing Clarus...

Delight customers with instant updates on stock availability.

Stay ahead with seamless stock management and unrivalled visibility.

Slash expenses throughout your operations for leaner, more efficient workflows.

Clarus and UKWA Partnership

Make Decisions with Confidence

Gain instant access to all your inventory and shipment details. This real-time data enables you to make quick, informed decisions, ensuring your warehouse operates like a well-oiled machine. We simplify your day-to-day management, boosting operational efficiency and giving you the needed edge.

Streamline Your Training

We know the challenges of training, especially when it comes to seasonal staff. Our system simplifies this process, incorporating intuitive workflows and additional scan points to guarantee accuracy and efficiency in every task. This not only reduces training time but also enhances your team’s performance.

Clarity and Security at Your Fingertips

Experience unparalleled clarity and security with a system that records your staff’s actions. This meticulous attention to detail offers a clear avenue for error analysis, security, and inventory management, boosting efficiency and accountability within your operations.

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A quick personal message....

We chose to align with the UKWA because we believe in the power of community and the strength of shared knowledge. Together, we’re not just facing the future but shaping it. Our system is more than a tool; it’s a commitment to excellence designed to empower each member to achieve more with less. By supporting powerhouses like Stiller and WS Transportation, we’re not just part of the UKWA but active participants in its mission to elevate the warehousing industry.

Clarus WMS, CEO, Tim
Tim Payne
Chief Executive Officer