Confidence is key.

Keep your customers happy with real-time Stock holdings.

Clarus enables you to know exactly what’s going in and out of your warehouse at all times as you monitor stock in real-time; providing you with full confidence that you’ll never overpromise stock to your customers.

Optimise your warehouse layout.

Our intelligent put away algorithms give you the best possible location for holding stock, improving future warehouse tasks and helping your team better navigate the warehouse when picking orders. ClarusWMS will provide alerts for strict stock rotations to ensure you are never storing aged stock. By maximising efficiency you’ll improve your order fulfilment rates and increase your customer satisfaction.

Understand your warehouse.

With a fully online system you can wave goodbye to endless paper spreadsheets.
By utilising our dashboards, reporting and notifications system you will get a clear picture of what is going on within your warehouse, spot issues before they happen and ensure your warehouse is operating as efficiently as possible.

Minimise costs.

With automated picking processes, you’ll reduce picking costs and increase your profit per sale. Your customers are able to self-serve by raising orders directly onto the system, this will also reduce administration costs.

Eliminate data entry issues with integration.

Our system is entirely built on API’s which means any action you can perform in the system can be replicated through an interface. This makes it great for integrating with other systems such as your finance system or ERP.
Please enquire as to which systems we already integrated with.

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