Meet demand and deliver on expectation.

In a manufacturing environment your WMS must ensure your warehouse is keeping up with the demands of your production schedule. A hold up in the warehouse can severely damage you chances of meeting your production forecasts and cause a huge hold up in the supply chain.

Full traceability of your stock from receipt of raw material to dispatch.

Clarus WMS can be tailored to the requirements of your materials. System driven rules ensure that batch numbers, sell by dates, use by dates and lot numbers can be recorded when raw materials are sent into the warehouse.
These attributes will stay with the stock as it goes on its journey through production into finished goods. Every warehouse move is recorded in our transaction logs giving you a full audit of any product and batch.

Pick, Produce, Supply.

Ensure your forecasts are accurate with real time stock holdings, so you know exactly what’s in your warehouse at any given time. With ClarusWMS barcode scanning you’ll increase pick accuracy to ensure the right raw materials are going into production, with full trace-ability our system will log each detail to ensure any faults can be traced to exact locations and products.

Understand your warehouse.

Utilising our dashboards, reporting and notifications system you will get a clear picture of what is going on within your warehouse. Spot issues before they happen and ensure your warehouse is operating as efficiently as possible.

Eliminate data entry issues with integration.

Our system is entirely built on API’s which means any action you can perform in the system can be replicated through an interface. This makes it great for integrating with other systems such as your finance system or ERP. Please enquire as to which systems we already integrated with.

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