Dual Cycling

Whether it’s warehouse equipment or personnel, Dual Cycling optimises routes to reduce empty travel time, maximising productivity. By leveraging return journeys for additional tasks, this feature ensures every movement contributes to streamlined operations.

Multiple Fixed Pick Faces

With this feature, users can allocate multiple, prioritised pick faces strategically throughout the warehouse. By distributing stock to various fixed pick locations based on priority, traffic congestion is minimised, and picking operations are balanced effectively.

Upgraded Reporting

Introducing a fresh user experience for the reporting feature within Clarus WMS! Now, you can effortlessly craft personalised reports using the data you see, no matter where you are in the system. Transform your data into insightful reports and captivating visualisations with ease, addressing everything from KPIs to on-the-fly Reactive Reports.

Advanced Stock Check

Introducing our cutting-edge stock check functionality, complete with cycle counting. Elevate your warehouse efficiency and precision on our latest product roadmap.

E-commerce Integrations

The team are working on an initial wave of additional integrations, featuring online stores such as Etsy, Magento, Woo Commerce, Squarespace and TikTok shop to name a few!