Automated Pick List Printing

With this functionality, users can now streamline their picking process by automatically printing pick lists as they are generated. Combining the efficiency of Clarus WMS with the benefits of running hard copy pick lists.

Dispatch Containers

Users can expedite the dispatch process by scanning a single container to dispatch multiple orders simultaneously. Say goodbye to the hassle of individually handling each order—Dispatch Containers empowers users to efficiently fulfil multiple orders with just one scan, saving valuable time and resources.

Custom Carriers

With Custom Carriers, users can seamlessly produce shipments and generate custom labels for non-integrated carriers, expanding their shipping options and streamlining their logistics processes.

Enhanced UI

We’ve listened to your feedback and revamped our interface for an even more intuitive user experience. Our updated design ensures clarity, simplicity, and efficiency in every interaction. With a cleaner layout and enhanced navigation, users can effortlessly navigate through tasks and access key features with ease.

Dock Scheduling

Say goodbye to chaos at the loading dock with our intuitive booking-in diary. This functionality allows companies to streamline the scheduling of inbound and outbound shipments, ensuring efficient use of dock space and resources.

Bonded Goods

Companies can now effectively handle bonded goods, ensuring compliance and seamless operations. Users can easily track, manage, and report on bonded inventory, simplifying the complexities of bonded warehousing.

Hazardous Chemicals

This feature enables companies to efficiently manage hazardous chemicals, ensuring compliance and safety. Users can easily categorise, track, and handle hazchems with precision.

MLOR Controls

Leverage our incoming detailed controls for MLOR (Minimum Life on Receipt) to take charge of it either at the product or customer level. It’s all about giving you the power to fine-tune things just the way you like!

Dynamic Pickfaces

Whiz up those pickfaces on the fly by cooking them with a location group based on the orders you’ve picked. It’s like magic, but for warehouse management!