S&J Haulage and Clarus WMS: An Innovative Partnership

Discover the exciting partnership between S&J Haulage and Clarus WMS

July 3, 2023

S&J Haulage lorry

Exciting news! S&J Haulage, a brilliant family-run logistics company, is teaming up with us at Clarus WMS! Together, we will enhance S&J Haulage’s warehouse ops, ramp up efficiency, and make their customers happier.

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Meet S&J Haulage

Back in 1980, Steve and Jane Haines, started S&J Haulage with just one van, now with a massive fleet of 50 vehicles, from tail lift vans to huge trailers. Today, the second generation runs the show, keeping the family’s innovative spirit alive and delivering fantastic, affordable, and user-friendly services. As a key player in Palletline, the UK’s top pallet distribution network, S&J Haulage covers the country with dedicated vehicles, groupage services, and speedy next-day or budget-friendly deliveries.

Why Choose Clarus WMS

S&J Haulage has chosen Clarus WMS as their go-to warehousing solution provider to revolutionise their operations, drive efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. Glen Wilkinson, our Head of Sales, says, “Our warehouse management system is packed with the latest features and solid tools that give companies like S&J Haulage crystal clear visibility, total control, and spot-on accuracy across their warehouses. With Clarus WMS on their side, S&J can make smart decisions, fine-tune processes, and get more done.”

Carl Musson, S&J Haulage’s Director, loves what we bring: “Clarus WMS blew us away with their innovative solutions. Their system will help us streamline our ops and wow our customers with better visibility and service.”

S&J Haulage and Clarus WMS: A Winning Team

The partnership between S&J Haulage and Clarus WMS signifies a new era of innovation and growth for both companies. We’ll be with S&J Haulage as they roll out our cutting-edge warehouse management system, ensuring everything goes smoothly and that the results are off the charts.

Glen Wilkinson adds, “Our Clarus WMS team is pumped to get started with S&J Haulage. We know a seamless transition is key, and we’re all-in to give them the best support every step of the way.”

Carl Musson is just as excited about teaming up: “We can’t wait to see the difference Clarus WMS will make for our business. Their know-how and backing will help us deliver the first-class service our customers love from S&J Haulage.”

S&J Haulage and Clarus WMS are ready to hit the ground running and reshape warehouse management. Watch for updates; this power-packed partnership brings innovation and teamwork to life.

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