Hazchem Logistics

Our solution streamlines hazardous goods management with a precise, up-to-date database, ensuring safe, compliant operations and risk mitigation in line with strict regulations.

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What can you expect from Clarus WMS?

Streamline access to critical hazard details, handling methods, and storage requirements.

Enable precise monitoring and reporting of hazardous materials by type and hazard level.

Get detailed guidance on safe handling and simplify the monitoring of hazardous materials.

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Enhanced Safety Compliance

We empower warehouse managers with detailed, current information on hazardous materials, enabling informed decisions for storage, handling, and transportation that align with national and international safety standards.

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Advanced Hazardous Goods Management

Our advanced system keeps a constantly updated database packed with detailed information on hazardous goods, including classification and handling instructions, guaranteeing compliance with all safety and regulatory standards for storage and handling.

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Rapid Hazardous Goods Reporting

Our system enables the swift creation of detailed hazardous goods reports, covering location, quantity, classification, and handling instructions, facilitating rapid decisions in emergencies and ensuring safety compliance.

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Story Time

Facing the complex task of complying with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations, a leader in the Hazchem Network needed a way to track and report hazardous goods accurately. Our system provided the perfect solution with a centralised, up-to-date database of hazardous materials information. This enabled the customer to easily identify, categorise, and quantify hazardous products, streamlining reporting processes and ensuring compliance.