Warehouse Picking Errors: How to Reduce Errors

Dive into strategies to keep customers satisfied and business flowing smoothly.

September 6, 2023

Warehouse manager working to fix picking errors

Running a tight ship in a warehouse isn’t just about shuffling boxes; it’s about keeping the customers chuffed and ensuring the business keeps ticking along nicely. But, as you might’ve experienced, sometimes those pesky picking errors sneak in, and before you know it, they’re causing all sorts of havoc. Sound familiar? Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deep into how to outsmart these little blunders and keep our warehouse humming!

Warehouse workers working to fix picking errors

Manual Picking Errors: Let’s Sort It

So, you want to cut down on those manual picking errors? Here’s how we do it:

1. The Magic of Clear Bins: First, let’s get our bins in order. Crystal clear labels, splashes of colour-coding, and a few ground signs – they don’t just look good, they help the team pick faster and with fewer mistakes. Simple but effective.

2. Get Your Layout Spot On: Think of your warehouse like a well-oiled football formation. Having those frequently grabbed items in prime positions is a game-changer. Plus, a bit of logic in your product placement – trust me, it goes a long way in nipping those errors in the bud.

3. Barcoding: Who knew a few lines and numbers could be this revolutionary? Thanks to barcoding and scanning, we’re not jotting down everything manually. And did you know? Barcode scanning is 99.9% accurate, says Conker. That’s like having a striker who never misses a penalty!

Packing Errors: Keep ‘Em at Bay

Packing errors can be a right pain, but here’s how to tackle them head-on:

1. Consistent Packing is Winning Packing: A well-defined, step-by-step packing procedure is like a well-rehearsed set piece. Having visual aids and written guides is like having your coach guide the team.

2. Check and Double-Check: Don’t ship out before a proper quality check. It’s our final line of defence against errors. It’s like VAR but for our packages – ensuring everything’s spot on before it hits the road.

3. Train Like Champions: Invest in your team with proper training. Just like keeping skills sharp on the pitch, regular training and refreshers help the squad stay on top of their game in the warehouse.

Pro-Active Defence Against Picking Errors

To keep those errors on the bench, here’s the strategy:

1. Double Up with Verification: Add an extra check in the picking process. Think of it as a second referee, ensuring no fouls go unnoticed.

2. Smart Systems, Smart Picks: Get hands-on with advanced Warehouse Management Systems. It’s like having a digital manager figure out the best plays in real-time.

3. Culture is King: Build a culture where everyone’s eye is on the ball. Communication, recognition, and ownership can turn a good team into a champion, reducing those errors dramatically.

Wrapping Up

In the bustling world of warehouses, picking errors at bay is crucial for hitting top form. It’s about understanding where we might stumble and arming ourselves with the right game plan. This puzzle includes clear labelling, the latest tech, solid training, and a laser-focused mindset.

And here’s the kicker: Clarus WMS isn’t just a player – it’s your star striker tackling these picking errors. With its tailored solutions and tools, it’s like having a top-tier manager guiding your team every step of the way.

With Clarus WMS and the right tactics in our playbook, you’ll be shooting your warehouse operations up to the Premier League of efficiency. Let’s lace up and show them what we’ve got! Onwards and upwards!

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