Hardy Distribution’s Modern Tech with Clarus WMS

Clarus WMS proudly welcomes Hardy Distribution, our first Northern Ireland customer, into the Clarus family. This partnership signifies a new business venture and a milestone in our expansion. Hardy Distribution, a renowned family-run business, has made a significant mark in Northern Ireland’s logistics market with over 25 years of brand-building expertise.

Getting to Know Hardy Distribution

Hardy Distribution stands out for its philosophy of building collaborative, enduring, and trusted relationships. Brands collaborating with Hardy gain from their comprehensive brand-building approach and Hardy’s reputable network of suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. Their dedication to creating lasting partnerships sets them apart in a competitive market.

Their 50,000 square foot Grade AA BRCGS certificated ambient storage warehouse is a testament to their commitment to operational excellence. Offering tailored storage solutions, comprehensive services including container drops, pallet storage, picking, packing, and re-work, advanced stock integrity management, full traceability of stock movement processes, and options for racked or hard-standing storage, Hardy Distribution showcases a commitment to quality and versatility in logistics.

A Step Towards Advanced Logistics

Recognizing the limitations of their old system, Hardy Distribution sought a modern and efficient solution – a system that matched their aspirations for the future. This led them to Clarus WMS.

Gareth Hardy, Managing Director at Hardy Distribution, shares, “Our goal has always been to provide top-tier service, but our previous system was holding us back. Clarus WMS addressed our challenges and prepared us for future growth.”


Key reasons for choosing Clarus WMS included:

  • Efficient Data Management: Clarus WMS offers technology that simplifies complex data, providing clarity and effectiveness.
  • Streamlined Administration: The system reduces administrative burdens, particularly in schedule management, focusing on efficiency and precision.
  • User-Friendly Automation: Clarus WMS is designed for ease of use, emphasising automated billing and ensuring a smooth operational flow.
  • Cutting-Edge Features: Staying ahead with the latest tools, Clarus WMS ensures Hardy Distribution is always equipped with up-to-date solutions.
  • Future-Proofing: Adding a bonded warehouse feature in Clarus WMS demonstrates its commitment to forward-thinking and adaptability.


Clarus WMS emerges as the ideal partner for Hardy Distribution, providing them with the tools and support needed to lead in the logistics sector.

The Clarus WMS and Hardy Distribution Partnership: Embracing Heritage and Innovation

Glen Wilkinson, Head of Sales at Clarus WMS, reflects on the partnership with Hardy Distribution with a personal touch, “Bringing Clarus to Northern Ireland, especially to a place with familial ties like Carrickfergus, is incredibly special. It’s about connecting our technology with the region’s rich heritage and vibrant business landscape.”

Glen expresses gratitude towards Gareth Hardy: “We are deeply grateful for the trust Gareth has placed in us. Our priority is to ensure a seamless onboarding for Hardy Distribution, empowering them to expand and excel in their field.” This partnership transcends a typical business relationship. It’s a union of two companies with robust histories joining forces to shape a promising future in logistics. Here’s to new beginnings and groundbreaking achievements in Northern Ireland.

The prospects are exciting as Clarus WMS and Hardy Distribution embark on this partnership. We are not merely implementing a new system but revolutionising how Hardy Distribution approaches logistics and warehousing. Our collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Clarus WMS and Hardy Distribution are dedicated to providing solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. This partnership serves as a model in the industry, showcasing how integrating state-of-the-art technology with profound expertise can create a successful and thriving business environment.

Looking ahead, our alliance with Hardy Distribution is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in logistics. We are reshaping the future of warehouse services, fostering a more efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric industry landscape. This collaboration is a synergistic blend of expertise, technology, and shared values. It transcends traditional business partnerships, representing a comprehensive approach to logistics and warehousing, where operational finesse meets unparalleled customer service. As we progress, the Clarus WMS and Hardy Distribution partnership is poised to set new standards of innovation and excellence in the logistics sector.