Customer Stories

WMB’s Technological Advancement with Clarus

Quick summary...

Clarus WMS and WMB embark on a game-changing partnership.

Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations.

Revolutionising WMB’s approach to Motorcycle Logistics.

Identifying the Challenge: The Need for a Robust System

WMB, synonymous with specialised motorcycle cradling and transportation, faced a pressing challenge. Though tailored over the years for specific needs, their custom-developed Access database system had hit its limit. This obsolete system, struggling to keep up with WMB’s expanding operations, led to inefficiencies and delays, especially in real-time tracking and inventory management. In a vast warehouse setting, these limitations were not just inconveniences but critical barriers to growth and service excellence.

Embracing Advanced Solutions: The Shift to Clarus WMS

Recognising the urgent need for a more capable and scalable solution, so WMB turned to us at Clarus WMS. Our solution was not just another software but a revolution in warehouse management. Our cloud-native, intuitive system promises a seamless transition from outdated infrastructure to a modern, efficient platform. This shift was not just about upgrading technology; it was about embracing a system that could grow with WMB and adapt to the dynamic world of logistics.

Features That Impressed

One of the standout features that caught WMB’s attention was our real-time data access functionality, which transformed how WMB managed their inventory. They no longer had to wait for end-of-day uploads; they now had immediate insights, fostering trust and transparency with their clients.

Another crucial element of our solution was Digital Warehouse Mapping. This feature replicated WMB’s warehouse layout digitally, allowing for precise location tracking and significantly reducing the chances of misplacements. The user-friendly interface of Clarus WMS ensured quick adoption among WMB’s staff, minimising disruptions and training time.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The implementation of Clarus WMS brought immense benefits not only to WMB but also to their clients. For instance, clients like KTM now enjoy real-time delivery reports and stock visibility, reducing labour costs and enhancing their interaction with WMB. This level of service and transparency was previously unattainable with the old system, making this a significant leap forward for client satisfaction.


Clearly, the partnership between Clarus WMS and WMB is more than just a solution to a problem; it’s a forward-thinking approach to logistics management. Customers engaging with WMB can now expect unparalleled quality and service supported by the technological backbone of Clarus WMS. This story is not just about overcoming challenges; it’s about setting new benchmarks in the logistics industry, where efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are paramount. WMB is not just embracing software; they are adopting a new way of thinking, a new approach to managing logistics that is agile, responsive, and customer-focused. This transition is a significant milestone in their history, marking their entry into the next century of logistics excellence.