Pallet Tracking

Enhance your warehouse by efficiently tracking and handling palletised goods, improving inventory accuracy and space use for increased productivity.

Suggested Putaway

Set clear rules to guide every worker on where to place items, saving time and simplifying decisions for a more efficient putaway process.

Batch/Lot Control

Efficiently manage inventory by grouping similar products, enhancing precision in stock management and eliminating overstocking or under stocking concerns.

Dock Scheduling

Effortlessly manage your warehouse schedule with our WMS booking diary. Stay organised, efficient, and in control of your operations.

Order Management

Imagine us as your warehouse smart assistant, ensuring precise order sorting, delicate item handling, and accurate packing, making operations smoother.

Inbound Logistics

Effortlessly manage goods from truck arrival to storage or outbound shipment, eliminating manual sorting and placement stress at your dock.


Reduce storage costs and expedite shipping with shorter warehouse stays. Maximise cost savings and delight customers with efficient, fast operations.