Client Benefits

Dive into the highlights of Clarus WMS from a 3PL Customer’s viewpoint, showcasing its power to transform logistics operations and impact their daily operations.

Event Triggers

Automation minimises manual tasks, accelerating everything from inventory management to order fulfilment in the warehouse.

Automated Replenishment

Enjoy effortless inventory management with a system that continuously tracks stock levels in real time and accurately predicts future needs by analysing past and present data.

Advanced Reporting

Gain a deep understanding of your warehouse operations with advanced reporting and analytics, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on real-time data.

Stock Rotation

Automatically rotate stock to prioritise older and perishable items, reducing waste and enhancing operational efficiency.

Batch/Lot Control

Efficiently manage inventory by grouping similar products, enhancing precision in stock management and eliminating overstocking or under stocking concerns.

Optimised Picking 

Select the best picking method for each product and order, optimising your process for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Dock Scheduling

Effortlessly manage your warehouse schedule with our WMS booking diary. Stay organised, efficient, and in control of your operations.

Warehouse Mapping

Discover an innovative tool designed to enhance warehouse efficiency and accuracy, transforming your space management.

Inbound Logistics

Effortlessly manage goods from truck arrival to storage or outbound shipment, eliminating manual sorting and placement stress at your dock.